Sisco Construction & Landscaping

At Sisco Construction & Landscaping, we have applied our existing best practices within the General Contractor construction industry to our expanded Landscaping division.

Now in its third year of operation, with services ranging from the basics of weekly lawn maintenance, to an all encompassing, specifically designed seasonal program.  Our services also provide enhanced programs such as; paver walkways, stone retaining walls, pruning, planting, plant care and much more!


Sisco Construction & Landscaping has been serving northern NJ area for over 20 years.

We realize that the landscape industry is heavy laden with companies providing what could be considered “like services”.  However, upon closer examination, how much do you really know about these companies and for that matter, their employees?

At Sisco Construction & Landscaping, our associates undergo a rigorous background check before the hiring process concludes.  We willingly accept this expense in order to assure our customers that we take a serious, proactive approach to providing them with the top rung of people who desire to work in this industry.  We follow that background check with monthly training programs that include; personal & customer safety, proper equipment use & maintenance and proper grounds maintenance etc..

We encourage you to reach out to us today and arrange a meeting with our landscape manager to discuss the specifics of your individual needs and goals .  And please don’t forget to go to the Portfolio tab on this website to view just some of the projects we have accomplished!  We would enjoy nothing more than to display your finished project here as well!


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